Interviewing Hints

Sloane & Associates, Inc. has arranged thousands of interviews. 

  • Our experience has shown that the first step in the process is to interview yourself: 

    • Thoughtfully assess your current situation

    • Update your resume listing accomplishments

    • Define your goals and your next position. 

  • The second step is to be certain that what you desire is not available with your current employer. Before you commit to an outside interview: 

    • Share your goals with your boss.

    • Ask for a raise

  • Finally accept interviews with other firms and prepare yourself to accept or reject offers based on the merits of each situation independently. A decision based on how another company responds may be default decision and not in your best interest. 

Proper interview planning will help you achieve the two main objectives of making a positive impression and gathering information.

  • A positive impression places the ball in your court. 

    • Dress properly, work on body language, and research the company.

    • Learn what problems need solving and portray your experiences as solutions to those problems. 

  • Information leads to your decisions. 

    • What are the expected goals of the position? 

    • What challenges must be overcome to meet the goals? 

    • Is the team together on the expectations of this position? 

Never initiate compensation discussions. Always ask how you did, and confirm the next step in the process. 

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