SelecSys Behavior Profiling:

Behavior Profile | SelecSys* is an internationally recognized personality profiling system that assists in the identification and matching of top industry performers with the respective positions, managers, and companies under consideration.

Choosing to hire someone for a position in your company can be an enormous risk. You are unable to see their behavior nor can they see your company's management style or corporate culture. SelecSys is designed to help overcome these dilemmas in hiring.

SelecSys initially establishes a Success Profile of the ideal characteristics needed for your position. It then provides detailed insight into candidates' personality traits through charted assessments. SelecSys helps you to understand how each person's performance style consists of four personality traits: dominance, extroversion, patience, and conformity. We then match the candidates' personality profiles with the Success Profile resulting in extremely accurate compatibility assessments.

SelecSys generates specific behavior based questions for your use in the interview process. The answers to these questions help you to predict a candidate's adaptability and effectiveness in your organization. Once new employees join your organization, SelecSys assists them with prescriptive feedback on their interaction with coworkers. Additionally, profiles of entire teams allow your management to gain valuable insight to help improve communication and productivity.

SelecSys helps you to significantly improve your accuracy rate for hiring the right person. SelecSys is a valuable tool used to verify that the candidate you are considering is a good match with your position and organization.

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*SelecSys ultimate search tools are provided by our strategic partner, Management Communications System Worldwide, Inc.

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